Archives mensuelles : avril, 2016


Inside the artist’s studio at the petit palais in Paris

Everyone has in mind the artist’s studio :a huge stove,big windows and a bric-à-brac ,casts and souvenirs brought back from the east .This is the artist’s studio in the 19th century ,very different from the modern ones of the contemporary artists. A beautiful exhibition calles »inside the studio » has chosen to give us the photographers’point of…


Hubert Robert : the past glorified .

The Louvre museum organizes a gorgeous exhibition around a wonderful artist from the 18th century : Hubert Robert. The little arts seeker has seen it for you! portrait of Hubert Robert by Elisabeth Louise Vigee le Brun , 1788,musée du Louvre. Mr Hubert Robert was the son of servants who worked for the marquis de…