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Vermeer and the masters of genre painting .Louvre.Feb.22,2017 to May 22 , 2017

Hi friends! the little art seeker saw for you the incredible exhibition around Vermeer and the masters of genre painting at the Louvre museum.After queuing for 2 hours we discovered with awe the gorgeous paintings of the master of light:Vermeer! In the 17th century,Delft was a very rich city ,with an aristocratic sensiblity.It was one…


Nature rediscovered.Pissaro in Eragny.Musée du Luxembourg.Paris

The little art seeker has previewed for you the very poetic exhibition dedicated to the great Danish painter Camille Pissarro.The man himself is very interesting.He was an anarchist and atheist who was very much involved into the Impressionist movement considered by its other members as Renoir or Monet as a father figure. But the aim…