Chtchoukine at the fondation Vuitton

It’s winter in Paris and the little art seeker saw for you the beautiful exhibition dedicated to the great Russian art collector Sergueï Chtchoukine at the fondation Vuitton.

The building is just gorgeous and brand new and really worth while to be seen!

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The fondation Vuitton built by the architect Frank Gehry

15991349_1238506192913701_681646416_oChtchoukine was a rich Russian art collector who thanks to a visionary gaze constituted one of the most incredible art work collection of artists of the 19th and 20th century and gave to Moscow the first modern art museum in the world.

As if to test their power and their capacity for resistance facing Cézanne ‘s self portrait he placed works that were really vivid proofs of the new avant-gardes.

In 1915,the russian collector decided to display portraits of himself next to his favorite artist.

He appears then next to his beloved artists looking at the viewver with his penetrating eyes!


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Portrait of the art collector Sergueî Chtchoukine by Xan Krohn.








Three portraits.From left to right:Portrait of Benet Soler by Pablo Picasso.Paul Cézanne.Selfportrait.1882.Portrait of Doctor Rey by Vincent Van Gogh.

Chtchoukine was a very mystic person who made a trip to Saint Catherine’s monastery in Sinaï.His own epiphanic feelings can be seen in the choice of his paintings and artists.


Edward Burne-Jones :the Adoration of the Magi.1886-1902.

In 1898,he discovered the works of the impressionists through the Parisian art dealer Paul Durand and began by collecting them.He came to know Monet and acquired 13 canvases showing the artist’s evolution between 1866 and 1904.


Claude Monet:Luncheon on the grass.1866

The little art seeker loved the room dedicated to Paul Gauguin which was dazzling with bright colors!


Scenes from Tahitian life..1896.Paul Gauguin



Paul Gauguin:Sunflowers.Tahiti.1901


Paul Gauguin.Eiha Ohipa.(Do not work.Tahitians in a room).1896

Portraits of women constitute the second biggest set of paintings of the Chtchoukine collection after landcsapes.The sitters who pose facing us seem to be mentally absent .They abstract themselves and by their indifference deny both their role as women in reality and their function in painting as idealizations of feminity.

They are represented by all the great artists of the time ranging from Renoir,Degas ,Toulouse Lautrec,Matisse,Rousseau,Derain and Picasso.The little art seeker adored these modern and varied portraits of women!

15966617_1238508426246811_819343212_oParis and its museums with the little art seeker.



From left to right:Paul Cézanne.Lady in blue.1899.Henri Matisse.Spanish woman with a tambourine.Henri Matisse;Lady in green.










From  left to right:Picasso.La majorquine.1905.Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.Woman to the window.Henri Matisse.Zohra Standing.1912.

In his beautiful palace in Moscow,the Trubetskoy palace,the art of Matisse was illuminating all the walls.The collection held 38 of his works.The painter realized a series of pannels devoted to the theme of Dance and music for his Russian friend.The panels adorned the staircase and were followed three great paintings to adorn the antechamber:Red room,the pink studio and Painter’s family.


Matisse:the pink studio.1911

15991955_1238507679580219_389892442_o1Henri Matisse.Harmony in red.1908


Henri Matisse.The dance.

Placed at the end of the gallery tour and its Monets,Matisses and Gauguins,Chtchoukine imagined a room dedicated to the work of Picasso.With works from the Blue, Pink,African and Cubist periods the collection featured 50 important paintings and drawings by Picasso.










From left to right:Pablo Picasso.Boy with a dog.1905.Seated Woman.1908.Woman with a fan.1908

This huge exhibition ends up with paintings interpreted by artists of the Russian avant-garde:Malevitch,Rodchenko,Tatin and many others.Giving us an incredible view of the visionary gaze of a man who was a precursor in his own time.During the Revolution all the works will be confiscated and they  are now the wonders  of the main Moscovite museums.


Alexandra Exter.Florence .1914-1915


Kazimir Malévitch.A non -stopping station.Kuntsevo.1913

15991454_1238509569580030_777199714_oMalévitch.Woman with a rake.1930-1932

The man  will die in Paris in exile in 1936.This exhibition pays a tribute to this great character who was the first collector of modern art .So If you are in Paris go and visit this gorgeous exhibition .The little art seeker warmly recommends it!