Gardens.Grand Palais. March 15-July 24

The little Art seeker saw for you the beautiful exhibition « Gardens »at the Grand Palais in Paris.This gorgeous exhibition gives you a wide range of the art of the garden from  antiquity to our modern era.




In our present days where nature is losing ground on the planet ,trees,ground ,flowers are presented with beauty and a lot of poetry.











The garden which is varying and ephemeral by definition was also a source of inspiration for many painters and the exhibition displays beautiful paintings from the 17th to the 20th century .A real feast for the eyes!!












The little art seeker was fascinated by the beautiful floral compositions by Mary Delany a British illustrator and an expert in botany who in the late eighteenth century invented paper-mosaicks .Plants were represented with tiny pieces of tissue paper coloured by hand and glued to a back ground.



We admired the beautiful paintings dedicated to the art of growing plants and citrus fruit which was the object of much research on the part of the noble collectors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.We learnt that in addition to the medicinal and culinary properties of citrus fruit,the Medici appreciated their decorative value.







Flowers can inspire such a passion that some travellers had the desire to reproduce them exactly as they discovered them  such as this soldier who discovering Maurituis in the 19th century developed a  technique for reproducing the tropical and fruits in wax.This process preserved the morphology ,colours and radiance of plants ,which was not possible in a herbarium or in alcohol.



Views from the gardens in the 18th century gives to the whole an air of majesty and grandeur that goes with the nobility who strolled in poetic landcsapes inspired by Antiquity.

We loved the frock buttons with views of the garden of Versailles and the grotto’s designs imagined by the landscape gardeners for the European courts.

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So if you have a few hours visiting Paris visit this gorgeous exhibition that will bring you peace and a desire for greenery among the city!!!The little art seeker recommends it to you!!!