Magritte in Beaubourg.

The little art seeker has seen for you the great exhibition dedicated to the famous Belgian painter:RenéMagritte in Beaubourg .

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Very much influenced by the panoramas,the large-scale optical devices of the 19th century,Magritte combined the circular canvas of the panoramas with the curtains of the theatre and imagined universes where optic illusion reigned over realism .His world imbued with poetry and surrealism is both mysterious and enigmatic.











Magritte.The beautiful world.1962 and Memory.1968

Magritte enjoyed mixing up different levels of representation .For him curtains and paintings were screens before our eyes and the spectacle of the world. »I could see the world as if it were a curtain in front of my eyes « he wrote.

16388893_1258688390895481_843943323_oMagritte.A saint’s memories.1960

If Magritte discovered surrealism with the painter Giorgio De Chiricho and his painting « the song of love »realized in 1914,he created his own surrealism much more inspired by the dream.

« I was schocked when I realized the affinity that could exist between a cage and an egg due to the interesting meeting of objects totally foreign to each other. »

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Magritte.Variant of sadness.1957

If Magritte has difficult relationships with French surrealists much more involved in poetry ,as André Breton,who were searching to depict images with words,Magritte wants to show that images are as important as words.

magritteMagritte:the key of dreams.1935

Magritte,in his paintings ,insert words which have nothing to do with what you can see around ,or he makes the objects disappear behind the words.The famous painting « this is not a pipe « which opens and closes the exhibition has another title »the treachery of images’s « meaning this is not a pipe but the image of a pipe!

16388813_1258688400895480_689113139_oThe treachery of images.Magritte.1929

Artists from pop art as Andy Warhol or Jasper Johns will try to purchase when they will be able to afford them,Magritte’s painting because they recognize their esthetism in Magritte’s work who knows how to combine and marry images including those of advertising .


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Magritte:the double secret.1927

Pliny the Elder’s story of the invention of painting by a Corinthian girl,who traced the outlines of her lover ‘s shadow on a wall before he departed for battle,understands it as the imprint of erotic desire.Showing a young woman whose shadow has the form of a bird taking flight:the Uncertainty principle is one of the number of works that testify to Magritte’s familiarity with the anecdote.From this account he took three elements of his vocabulary:the candle, the shadow, the outline .Varying his light sources,playing between the discontinuity between the object and its shadow,he proves »the treachery of images ».


Magritte.the uncertainty principle.



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Magritte.the philosophic lamp.1936



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Magritte.The happy donor.1966


Magritte:Forbidden Literature (The Use of the Word) .1936


Magritte.1964.This is not an apple.

Having given up the « Surrealist beauty »born of the chance encounter of an umbrella and a sewing machine, Magritte sought the umbrella’s partner and logically found that the object that accepted and received the water the umbrella ,repelled the glass.


Rejecting the Surrealists’ attitude which made of them some sorts of foretunetellers as De Chirico’s preminotary portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire signalling the poet’s wound years before it happened or Bauner’s self portrait depicting his own later loss of an eye,Belgian surrealists rejected all these beliefs .


Magritte decided to paint with an approach inspired by science and to find solutions to problems in creating images as mathematical equations.


Magritte.The devil’s smile.1966




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Magritte .Self portrait.

Before the development of advertising and of a world totally ruled by images Magritte had totally understood the way the latest could have a total control over the human mind!!!

The little art seeker loved this huge retrospective dedicated to the great Belgian surrealist and warmly recommends it to you!!!!


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