Picassomania in the grand Palais


Many people love Picasso,the great range of his creativity,the fact that he experimented all the fields of creation.

This autumn in Paris ,the great palais had the excellent idea to organize a huge exhibition to the master of modern art.

Picasso is wordly known and his influence is planetary from Africa to China.

The exhibition presents 50 artists who were inspired by this creator of genius.

It ranges from realists ,abstract artists,pop artists and minimalists who all admired the free spirit of the Spanish artist.


The little art seeker has seen it for you !!!

Picasso and Braque were both involved in the Cubist movement that had begun in 1908 and continued after the first world war and yet they had in mind to do something different,paint what they perceived and not what they saw.




Picasso ‘s cubist period which followed his blue and rose ones was dominated by earthly colours,in shades of ochre.The cubist works were not imagined to recreate the reality but instead to represent what the artist had in mind.

His works such as his newspaper cuttings were a way to introduce conceptual art and his  assemblage technique will revolutionize modern art.


Picasso was also very much impressed by african art and especially sculptures and the exhibition gives a blink to modern  artists who inspired by his works recreated their own universe with a contemporary vision of the artist’s creations.


Picasso traduced his dislike of war in many of his works .He was part of the french communist party and in his most famous painting « Guernica »which was a condemnation of the spanish war he gave us the message that man was a wolf for man.

Many of the young painters ,present in the exhibition were inspired by this very modern painting and give us a very powerful vision of man involved in world wide conflicts.



Erro is an artist who discovered the pop art after a trip to the United States in the 1960’s.Returned in Europe ,inspired by the comics ,he will give a vision of Picasso’s work which mixes pop art and characters directly escaped from the « Demoiselles d’Avignon ».


Andy Warhol and Roy Lichetenstein with his »still life after Picasso »are also present in this incredible exhibition.


010 001

A focus is also made on an american artist « Martin Kippenberg »who was very much impressed by a picture made by Douglas Duncan representing Pablo Picasso standing on the steps of his Cannes house ,la Californie ,wearing enormous briefs.


He will also admire the pictures of the artist ‘s wife Jacqueline made by the same photographer and will realize beautiful and melancholic coloured crayon drawings which will become later paintings representing her alone and sad after her husband’s death.


In his later years ,Picasso who is an old man ,facing death devotes a series of huge canvases to the theme of the musketeers of the baroque period.

He feels very close to their characters and also their morals and will make a beautiful series of painting on this theme that wil be displayed at the palais des Papes in Avignon in 1973!



This exhibition will give you a fresh start in these gloomy days and you will go out of it revivified and full of energy.

picasso 1

The little art seeker highly recommends it to you!!!


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